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Software Solutions for Business

We are a leading software development company. We help fortune, startups and firms in between create strategic software products that drive revenue, reduce cost, and transform their businesses and market performance.

Through custom software we empower entrepreneurs, growth companies, enterprises and visionary firms to achieve greater profitability and efficiency, valuation and ultimate success by building the right tools.

KISOTEC also gives you access to technology specialists globally. You can scale your firm with our  resources or leverage our national talent managed from our Cameroon offices.

How Can We Help You?

Web Development

Our web developers dedicate themselves to the highest quality engineering. Python, Javascript frameworks, Ruby, .Net, HTML, CSS and React, Angular and beyond. The team delivers remarkable fully responsive websites that help you outdo your competition. Our web apps boast beauty and brains, with gorgeous design, cutting-edge code, exceptional usability, and conversion strategy built right into each and every one.

Mobile Application

We’ve been designing and building great mobile apps for over a decade and take pride in our approach. We put the same level of effort into everything we do, from ERP-integrated mobile experiences to education applications that teach on-the-go. With hundreds of mobile applications under our belt we can practically speak iOS and Android, React native, Phonegap and hybrid development like a first language.

Digital Marketing Services

It’s not enough to just create great content and hope the ever-changing algorithms of popular search engines will stumble across your site: you must continually monitor, improve, and change to keep up with the pace of today’s markets and technology. At KISITEC we can tailor a plan to the needs of your business. We can help you right-size your digital marketing efforts based on factors like company size, target audience, industry sector and your goals.

UI & UX Design Services

Today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders know the days of designing in a vacuum are long gone. Organizations who don’t listen to users are bound to lose to competitors who do. Gain an edge, generate ideas and evaluate your product usability. Or you can let our team’s experienced UI and UX experts do the work while you soak up insights in real-time.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services

Expert test engineers are an integral part of every project we work on to ensure deliverables meet the most stringent quality standards. KISOTEC’s talented and dedicated QA teams can provide scripted and manual software testing services to ensure end-to-end quality in your application. Our dedicated engineers report directly to you or your project manager and work exclusively on a single project to ensure the highest quality review occurs.

Custom Corporate Solutions

KISOTEC provides excellent technology channels for your business to remain competitive in today’s high-demanding and challenging market. We offer optimum business solutions with a progressive approach to add more value to your business. Our high business solutions are scalable, robust, flexible, and extensible. Just for you, we can customize any solution at an affordable cost. With the motive of using technology to furnish and enable businesses to build competency, save time, and increase bottom lines worldwide, we have earned our customers trust by satisfying their business needs.


across industries

We deliver software products for companies within industries vulnerable to technical disruption. Our process helps companies in large industries define and execute digital transformation strategies.


Apart from providing professional maintenance, KISOTEC is ready to develop unique retail solutions which are initially tailored to your individual needs.


KISOTEC assists companies from travel and hospitality industry to meet their business requirements with its innovative, robust and cost-effective IT solutions. Our travel and tourism industry-specific software solutions and consulting services are based on a wide range of successfully completed projects.



Our agribusiness software integrates with popular CRM software to automate the social media and marketing process, gain insight into client behavior and streamline the lead conversion process.


Web portals and mobile apps that facilitate remote exchange of data between patients at home and their clinician to assist in diagnosis and monitoring.


Need your customers to track and manage energy use using smart meters? At KISOTEC we develop device independent, cloud-based, and user-friendly apps suiting to your business logic and requirements, tailor made for Utilities & Energy industry.


KISOTEC helps you build on-demand media and entertainment apps with custom front-end UI, advanced admin dashboards, powerful analytics panels that are robust and scalable.

They are not a traditional software agency because they help you grow your company