King Investments Group. operates activities per its specific subsidiaries;


We help individuals discover their Entrepreneurial skills and train
business persons on Business management and basic Bookkeeping.
Training areas include:


Everyone is a potential entrepreneur, to discover the skills embedded in
you, we model trainings to give the best to everyone who wants to create
an economic impact in his/her community and the world. From
discovering your potential in a particular business idea to writing
business plan and creating a pitch to attract potential investors.

Business Management:

A lot of startups and other ventures end up going bankrupt within a few
years in operation mostly caused by poor business management skills
and poor records keeping. In this area, we train entrepreneurs and
business owners on the importance of growth management, debts
management and marketing strategies.

Computerized Accounting/Bookkeeping:

Accounting records remain crucial in business. Most business owners
claim of not having enough time to take records in their transactions and
that poses a serious challenge in evaluating business progress. We carry
out basic training to enable business owners to understand the
importance of Computerized Accounting/Bookkeeping. We also train
business owners on accounting software to facilitate building of
financial statements.