Under King Investment Finance, we carryout Banking operations aimed
at giving equal privilege to every citizen. In other to give access for
citizens to have individual and organizational accounts without the
difficulties encountered in running such with traditional Banks;

Bank Accounts

Savings Account:

The savings account permits the holder to save and not to hoard income
earned or generated from activities. By so doing, they earn an interest at
the end of the financial year.

Current Account:

A Current Account allows the owner to do business transactions like
issuing out cheques to business partners. This account allows the holder
to do unlimited number of operations per month.

Project Accounts:

An individual or an organization may wish to open an account in view of
a future business project. Such an account would have multiple deposits
but with only one withdrawal at maturity. This account generates interest
at the end of the contract.

Fixed Term Deposit:

A fixed term deposit account allows for a single deposit and a single
withdrawal at maturity. The interest earned would depend on the amount
deposited and the specified duration.


In contributing to economic development, we grant loans to economic activities with the view of improving the business at very affordable rates. Categories of loans include


This loan ranges from 1 day to 30 days period. The interest payable depends on the amount and the purpose of the overdraft.

Short Term Loans:

We aim at granting to customers who need to meet up with emergency business needs. Such loans do not exceed a maximum duration of twelve months. Interest is charged on this loan category based on the amount and purpose. Buying of goods to secure good availability cost of clearing container/goods at the port are some examples for what short term loans finance.

Long Term Loans:

Long term loans are granted for business investment purposes. Investing in fixed assets like real estate, buying of heavy business equipment falls under this category. Apart from accounts and loans, King Investment Finance offers other Banking services to enhance customers’ operations and transparency.