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King Investments Group operates three subsidiaries aimed at solving business problems in the 21st Century. We offer solution-based approaches to every business challenge. Our strategy has been to empower businesses and individuals to ensure economies in the African continent emerge by 2040. Our broad range of products/services include customized software applications, Business consultancy, Training needs and Financial services to enable businesses compete globally. King Investments Groups bridge the gaps created in training, empowering and using technology as a progress tool.

The Founder and CEO, Louis Ojong has developed a passion for economic growth and development and aims at empowering businesses to attain sustainability. With over fifteen years of experience in the Banking sector, he remains unsatisfied with the level of business operations in the continent of Africa and he is motivated to combine technology and business capital to strengthen the sector.

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In a generation where business can not strive, become competitive without adequate skills and technology, such a business won’t stand the test of time with the fast pase of advancement in skills and technology. As we drive towards this technological era whereby money ends up only in Banks and not circulating in the hands of individuals or being hurd, King Investments Group combines these three sectors for life to become simply, stress-free and comfortable. Our services are not time-bound but advancing as we observe changes in our economies and our clients have been growing in time and space as we work together.

Who We Are

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King Investments Group. is a group of companies with three subsidiaries;

King Investment Finance: Surprising, most individuals have no Bank Accounts because they cannot meet up with conditions set by traditional banks. As such; we make accounts very accessible and affordable for everyone and above all, provide internet Banking services to the public. In a society that we hope to see in the nearest future, all financial transactions must pass through a Bank account, we are therefore preparing citizens towards this change.

King Software Technology (KISOTEC): with the evolution in software technology, we provide services in customized software applications per your need. We build websites, run Google and Facebook ads, we design, train and install Investory Management Systems and give practical internship for Software Developpers/Programmers.


King Business Training Center: In line with building sustainable business ventures, we train business owners on business management and Bookkeeping to enable them trace records and prepare financial statements to ascertain their growth level. We equally seek to reduce delinquency in Financial Institutions through training of Bank Staffs in Credit/Risk Analysis to reducing bad debts.

As most African countries hope to have emerging economies by 2040, we are gearing up towards the realization of this dream by training entrepreneurs who will embark on economic investment projects with proper training, skills and confidence.



The Founder and CEO of the company. He is the face of the institution.He has over twelve years work experience and solid reputation in the Banking industry with multiple awards for excellent performance. He possesses  a “Customer – Progress” Mindset that sets a difference in the Banking and Business sector.